Winter-Germ Season Recommendations

Follow the below tips to help make sure practicing good hand hygiene is as easy as possible for building occupants and custodial staff this winter-germ season:

  • Start by making sure all hand soap dispensers are in good working order with sealed refills available.
  • Establish norms and etiquette for good hand hygiene. Make hand sanitizer easily accessible and available in areas where people congregate so they can sanitize hands after sneezing or coughing and during mealtimes.
  • Place hand sanitizer dispensers near restroom exits to help prompt people who don’t typically wash their hands after using the restroom. Touch-free dispensers, according to a 2005 report published in the American Journal of Critical Care, have been shown to increase use by nearly 20 percent.
  • Provide portable hand sanitizing wipes or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for use when soap and water are not available or practical.
  • Place alcohol-based hand sanitizer where building occupants can easily access it. It is recommended to have an alcohol-based hand sanitizer at or in the following areas:
    • Entrance/lobby
    • Elevator banks
    • Work areas
    • Reception desk
    • Fitness facility/locker rooms
    • Restrooms
    • Break room/cafeteria
    • Conference and meeting rooms
    • Shared workspaces.

Remember that good hand hygiene, which includes having the right products available in the right places, is a simple, yet important, step we can take to reduce our risk of getting ill and improve overall public health.

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